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Real Estate

You will have dealt with or heard about real estate agents who sell houses in New Zealand. Did you know that lawyers can assist you in selling your property?

Our legal team can undertake all works of a real estate agent. It is becoming increasingly popular for lawyers to sell houses in New Zealand. Lawyers are licensed by the New Zealand Law Society and are exempt from having a licence as a Real Estate Agent under section 7 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. We have extensive experience in dealing with complex property disputes, including appearing for clients in the High Court to resolve property litigations. 

Our legal expertise and expert negotiation skills will help you to achieve the best outcomes in the sale of your property. We can assist you in our capacity as lawyers to sell your property and charge a competitive professional fee.

Engaging our legal team to assist you with selling your house offers several advantages. Unlike real estate agents, our lawyers have the expertise to identify any legal or compliance concerns from the outset, ensuring proper terms are included in the agreement. 

Our lawyers, specialized in real estate and property law, will draft the contracts, providing you with peace of mind. With both your real estate sales team and solicitors in one place, we offer a streamlined process from engagement to settlement. Our fees are highly competitive, and some team members are qualified real estate agents. 

With experience in complex property disputes, we can guide you through crucial stages of your sale. We are registered with core-logic, providing timely professional appraisals and property sales information. Plus, you receive a 20% discount on legal services associated with the sale if you engage our firm for real estate works.

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