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Family Law

Our legal experts have considerable experience in family matters before the different courts in New Zealand. We can represent you in family court proceedings including Care of Children Act proceedings such as Parenting order applications, contact, Preventing removal of child from New Zealand, relocation related proceedings, contempt of court, dispute between guardians. 

We can also assist you with other family court matters including but not limited to family violence proceedings, international adoption proceedings, dissolution of marriage, Occupation & Furniture Orders, Pre- Nup/Contracting Out, Separation Agreements, Property Relationship proceedings.

We have been involved in countless proceedings, and below are summaries of some of the family court proceedings:


One of our expert in family law took over a file and represented a client (mother) in a parenting related proceedings, where the client had to date changed 4 lawyers. The proceedings have been

before the Family Court since about 8 years. The father was seeking full custody in order to remain in the country, whilst exposing the child to trauma. Our client obtained the full custody and the child

has been with our client since then.


We represented our client in defending protection order proceedings in Thames family Court. On the eve of the hearing, the lawyer for the Applicant eventually withdrew the application.


We represented a client in contempt of court proceedings and negotiated for amicable resolution of the matter in an out of court round table meeting.


We appeared in difficult relationship property proceedings and achieved favourable outcome for our client following a defended hearing.


We represented the father in what were contempt proceedings for failing to comply with the parenting order. We successfully managed to resolve the matter out of court.


We represented the mother in a parenting related proceeding before the Family court and dealt with a child needing special needs. An urgent meeting was convened and agreement was reached amicably in favour of our client and in the best interest of the child.


We appeared in defended proceedings in what was described as a several years long complex parenting proceedings with multiple witnesses. We had to deal with expert witnesses who refused

to attend court. Our client (mother) successfully obtained full custody of the child and the parents benefitted from counselling and other support directed through counsel’s recommendations.


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