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How to apply and 8 benefits compared to Permanent Residency

1) Visa Free travel – you will be able to hold a New Zealand Passport which can make travel to many countries visa free, saving you money on visa application.

Alternate New Zealand Passport ranking click the link on globally.

2) New Zealand citizenship for your children – if you are a New Zealand Citizen, then irrespective of where your children are born, they can be eligible for New Zealand citizenship.

3) Permanent Stay - It is Harder for Government to revoke your citizenship than to revoke Permanent residency visa.

4) Representation in Local Council and Parliament – if you need all necessary criteria for voting, you can stand for Local council and Parliament.

5) Peace of Mind - you will be entitled to full protection under New Zealand Law and will not have to worry about visa renewals.

6) Protection while travelling Overseas – you will be provided with full consular protection overseas. If you need assistance or need to vacate a country, you will be entitled to all the help that is available to all New Zealand citizens.

7) Work/ Live in Australia – It becomes super easy to move to Australia to work and live once you have your New Zealand Citizenship.

8) Privileges – you will have the same privileges as a person who is born here.

General Eligibility For Citizenship

Presence in NZ

You need to have been in New Zealand for:

· 240 days or more in each 12 month period

· 1,350 days across the 5 years

Self-Assessment – Please use the link to do a self-assessment test online to see if you are eligible. (However if you fail the eligibility criteria, please contact our team for guidance and support).

Timeframes – Please use the link to check how long does citizenship applications currently take.

Cost of Application – Click link for updated costs.

Victorian Lawyers

If you need any assistance in applying for your citizenship or if you feel like you might not meet any criteria such as health or character and need guidance, please feel free to reach out to Victorian Lawyers Immigration Team or visit the website at

Disclaimer: This is not a legal advice. The contents above were sourced from, is provided for convenience to the public. However Victorian Lawyers cannot accept liability for its accuracy or content. Visitors who rely on this information do so at their own risk. For individual application assessment, please seek professional advice such that of Victorian Lawyers.

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