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Why Choose Victorian Lawyers

An Entire Legal Team Working For You

Know Your Costs Before You Start

Get Started  Immediately

our case will receive attention from our experienced immigration lawyers with litigation experience in the High Court as well as the Immigration & protection tribunal

Competitive fees and fixed rates can be agreed to in some cases

Our team works on tight deadlines and your case will be acted upon immediately.

How Can We Help You?

We guide you through the application process.

Let our team assist you to navigate through the complex requirements.

We Can Help With: 




Skilled Migrant

Employer Accreditation

Work Visa

What Working With Us Looks Like

Start with a free 15 minute consultation, from there we will ensure we understand your needs and explain your options including costs before we start.

All we need is 15 minutes of your time and we can put your questions to ease.

Lets Get Working - A Free Consult


You'll be with an experienced team, who will file all the required forms, handle all the communications with the Department of Immigration and ensure everything is being done in your best interests.

Documents & Applications


Once we have done our part we will work our hardest to get you the best out come for your situation, you'll be cared for by working with us. We will work with you to help you experience the feeling of ease once all of this is behind you.

Move Forward Confidently - You're Cared For


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