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Building, Construction & Contract Dispute

“We should only make commitments we are able to honor faithfully.”

 Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, The Wealth Reference Guide: An American Classic

The construction industry in New Zealand is governed by a number of legislations that require specialist legal expertise. Our specialist team of contract and construction lawyers have extensive experience in acting in several construction disputes and have provided legal advice on major development disputes. We routinely act for builders, others in trade including suppliers, developers,

mortgagees, caveators, property owners and different entities. Mr Purusram, the Firm Director is a member of the Adjudicator’s Association and a registered construction adjudicator, having also sat in judicial capacity before the Adjudicator’s Association of New Zealand Tribunal.

We have often enforced construction contracts and other contractual arrangements before the courts of law and have acted in major multi million building and development disputes before the

High Court. We have assisted clients and acted in criminal proceedings defending criminal prosecutions brought against builders by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and

Employment (MBIE).

We have worked with other experts in the construction industry in preparing for court proceedings, including programming experts, quantity surveyors, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and even council inspectors.

You will benefit from our team’s in-depth knowledge of the statutory regime governing construction law in New Zealand.

Our legal experts can assist you with:

  • Subdivision related assistance

  • Drafting, negotiating and advice on building contracts

  • Advice on your rights and liabilities under the Construction Contracts Act

  • Legal assistance with payment claims, payment schedules & enforcing judgment

  • Subcontractor contracts

  • Assist you in understanding your rights and obligations to ensure the health and safety of

  • your employees and others accessing the site.

  • Employment and immigration law advice for construction related businesses;

  • Project Management Agreements

  • Construction delay, variations, extensions of time and related legal advice

  • Resolving construction disputes

  • Representing you before adjudication proceedings/High Court in negligence/breach of

  • contract and other proceedings you are facing because of construction disputes.

  • Assisting builders in defending proceedings for lapse of caveat before the High Court;

  • Assisting builders and owners in liquidation proceedings before the High Court;

  • Representing sub contractors in construction disputes;

  • Representing you in criminal prosecutions and civil claims by the MBIE and other regulatory bodies;

  • Act as construction adjudicator in building disputes (upon appointment by the Professionalbody)

Construction Contracts Act Adjudicators

Dealing with construction disputes is often stressful and can expose builders to financial constraints, the more so disputes can be time consuming and expensive. Our team consists of registered construction adjudicator with exceptional experience in dealing with complex construction disputes and delivering comprehensive determinations.

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